~*~*Sims 4 YanSim school textures and hair models*~*~

More hair models are on the way. Im having trouble with MediaFire. Also, if someone has "Get Together" like I will, they can also use the non-lethal method: Do you think you could upload these on dropbox or Mega? Then she has as many options as the game gives:

Создаём персонажей из Yandere simulator - Kokona Haruka . Sims 4 - CAS


YANDERE SIMULATOR В SIMS #13 - The Sims 4 Прохождение [Безумные Игры]

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I make a bad guy sims -_- I know.. You could DOWNLOAD his hair mod in my new sims blog chibi.pw thanks for i do not own a Sims 4 Yandere Simulator - Senpai Hair DOWNLOAD.

симс 4 прически яндере симулятор
My new Yandere Simulator Sims 4 series!! In the first episode, I create Yandere Chan, Senpai, & the other students, give you a tour of the High School.

симс 4 прически яндере симулятор
Персонажи игры Яндере Симулятор. В составе: Саки Мио, Инфо Чан, Кокона Харука, Кокума Джутсу  4. Прическа Miranda от Ade_Darma.  В нашем каталоге лишь бесплатные дополнения к играм Симс 3 и Симс 4, которые вы сможете скачать с.

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Slaves: In Yandere Simulator, you are able to kidnap students and mentally torment them to bend them to your will. Since the Sims 4 doesn't have any means of torture as of yet (I don't know if that's a good or bad thing).

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